it's a pun

1) Nerdfighting, story-writing, soccer-playing, picture-taking, music-appreciating, Whovian-Ravenpuff
2) Rabid Canucks fan

aptitude ≠ destiny

favourite bands of the moment include: Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas & The Papas, The Turtles, Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend
I guess I just really like bands with ampersands in their names


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Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!
I support the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

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even the smallest person can change the course of the future
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The cutest burritos you will ever see.

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Original layout created in 1955 for a full-color newspaper section presenting some of the “many delights and wonders that are yours to enjoy at Disneyland.” (via

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I would also like to mention that Mary Lambert drove by my barricade on her way out of the festival but I didn’t notice until it was too late and even if I had noticed earlier I probably would’ve been to scared to say anything

the only part of @marylambertsing’s set that I caught before my last shift started, and it was perfect

it’s over now and all that’s left is a pile of readings for summer school that I put off to be there #VFMF #highlightofmysummer

  • baby: d-d-d-d
  • dad: daddy?
  • baby: destroy capitalism
  • karl marx: nice


If Linkin Park plays in the forest and no one is around to hear it, in the end, does it even matter?

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what happened in roughly 1870 though

why was there temporary internet

with a few people searching for pokemon?


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"Fuck off Shaun I am taking a picture."


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